About Us

Not unlike California’s own Bear Flag Republic back in 1848, the Sonoma County Vintners Co-operative was formed by a small, passionate and visionary collective of wine artisans and entrepreneurs in 1981. In 2005, the Co-op partnered with the Adams Wine Group to form Pack N' Ship Direct (PSD), which provides winery-to-consumer direct shipping services worldwide. Together, we are the Co-op/PSD—working in unison from our campuses in Windsor, California, Napa Valley, Paso Robles, Santa Maria and Central Oregon.

Today, legendary and nearly legendary wineries alike from the verdant valleys of the mighty Columbia River Basin to the snow-capped reaches of the Sierra Foothills, and back home to the towering Redwoods of Sonoma, Mendocino and Napa counties, as well as the rolling hills of Santa Barbara county share equally in the broad benefits of Co-op/PSD services.

Such names as Dave Stare, David Ramey, Paul Hobbs, Bill Kreck, Hank Wetzel, Andy Cutter, Mike Martini, Fred Fisher, Jim Pedroncelli, Fred Buonanno, Ed Sbragia, Lou Foppiano, Chuck Wagner and so many others, live more vibrantly than ever in this ideal of superb, broad-based and truly co-operative services for fine wine storage, consolidation, logistics and seamless, consumer direct shipping "one bottle or one truckload at a time."

The Co-op of the new millennium continues to excel in these traditional and key services, but now represents much more. For example:

  • Best value for fees
  • More cost-saving ancillary Patron Only services
  • More options and links to logistics solutions
  • More turnkey import/export programs
  • Top-flight responsive and immediate inventory reconciliation
  • Turnkey, compliant, discounted consumer direct services
  • Total comprehensive breakage and mis-ship cost credit
  • More and unmatched attention to winery will-call service, including our Patrons Only “VIP Hour” (8:00 a.m. – 9:00 a.m. daily)

Our Pack N' Ship Direct program offers big advantages, including:

  • Preferred pricing and shipping rates (UPS, FedEx, Golden State Overnight)
  • Legal compliance, including emphasis on "three-tier" states
  • Point of Sale and collateral shipper stuffing(Free!)
  • Wine Club and Tasting Room interface and scheduling
  • Free liquidation and ancillary inventory service programs
  • Van pickup at your winery for clubs and dailies

Of equal importance is added business support from our fully integrated Web site, which publishes Co-op/PSD policy, procedures, documentation and exciting social updates. There are useful links to preferred and discounted Co-op/PSD suppliers, from trucking to insurance, grapes to equipment, software to fuel and consumer direct shipping at the lowest rates!

As a Patron of the Co-op/PSD, you’ll find we’re a lot more than warehousing, shipping and trucking. We’re your non-profit partner for the most cost-efficient movement of wine to your customers, at the lowest cost anywhere, anytime. You can bank on it! And as far as consumer direct shipments, we’re ready to help you with this newest mode of reaching your customers. Faster, better, cheaper. Period.

Ready and prepared, leveraging the scope and depth of our over 530 Winery Patrons. That’s the Co-op/Pack N' Ship Direct way!

Visit our Patron Benefits section to learn why you should join the Co-op/PSD Family.