Preferred Suppliers

As with any business, the Co-op/PSD interfaces with and patronizes a wide variety of suppliers everyday. Many of these valued providers of goods and services support and trade with the winery community at large, and by their superior commitment, loyalty, service and preferred pricing are truly considered friends of the Co-op/PSD.

This select and honored group of Preferred Suppliers earn our ongoing business, day after day, year in and year out, and as such we are extremely proud to promote their services. Many offer special discount pricing or rates, along with other exclusive “extras,” and superb and proven products, from insurance to trucking, for Co-op Patrons only.

As they are solid supporters of your Co-op/PSD and our Patrons, please place them first on your call list! These fine sponsors deserve the opportunity to earn your winery’s business and your patronage. Another cost-savings benefit of the Co-op/PSD. Just for You! SM