All Co-op Patrons and Friends,

We hope you'll consider use of your Co-op's ancillary services via it's "sister businesses", Wineshipping.

Many, many of your Co-op and non-Co-op friends and neighbors alike are benefiting from this highly valuable services everyday, in cost savings, superbly responsive service, a "can do" attitude always, and ultimate convenience.

We encourage you to contact Truman Reynolds or Scott DeMars anytime to learn more of what our 550 wineries, from Oregon to Santa Barbara, already know!

Linking Wine Producers and Consumers Around the World

Today’s volatile marketplace has everyone seeking cost-effective means to expand and grow their wine sales and margins, which places greater emphasis on wineries to market directly to the end consumer. This requires navigating the often confusing regulations of the federal and state compliance agencies, and also means finding powerful partners with the proper wholesale/retail network to accomplish legally compliant, totally consumer friendly, cost effective deliveries.

Wineshipping, partners with top providers which, together, possess over 40 years of experience in wine shipping and regulation worldwide. Our experience provides a solid understanding of wine industry logistics, and a clear understanding of its challenges for each winery’s specific needs. *Wineshipping™** was born of the need to address these fast growing opportunities, and we have chosen to focus on providing our wineries, near and far, an efficient and simple direct-to-consumer delivery solution.

As you know, there exists a complex maze of compliance and customer service choices that must be addressed in shipping wine across state lines that may include label registration, price posting, excise and sales tax, management of cash flow between each party and general logistics. Through our alliances, Wineshipping handles all of these details, from pack and ship services to door step delivery for the smallest, and largest consumer transaction, enabling your winery to focus on its core business of producing and selling fine wines. We simply require you to provide the specific and pertinent order information only; we handle the entire process from there, with ease, including real time follow-up, lowest shipping and packaging cost, speediest delivery and total compliance support. Guaranteed. Period.

Wineshipping brings together industry leaders in key segments and distribution tiers to form a comprehensive, cost-efficient order fulfillment system. Experience in national distribution and compliance, aided by aggregating volume through one, single, integrated system, allows Wineshipping to provide the most cost-efficient shipping solution available to wineries and direct marketers— right now and right every time!

Wineshipping offers dynamic web based tools that enable a variety of commerce applications:

  • Legally compliant order taking and distribution, and access to real time information powered by *Wineshipping web-based portal.
  • Internet storefront for wineries and efficient hosted solutions.
  • Full access to infrastructure and marketing exposure vehicles: already tied in to our fulfillment centers, retailers, marketing companies and corporate intranets around the world.
  • Comprehensive website administration, enabling our patrons to change content, products and images in real time, as well as generate a variety of sales and tracking reports.
  • Seamless integration with major couriers such as UPS, FedEx, DHL and Golden State Overnight.
  • Easy integration with virtually any winery order management system at nominal cost.
  • Winery club management tools—turn-key and speedy.

Let Wineshipping prove to you our depth of experience and total commitment to your consumer direct program—one bottle at a time!

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