Wine Buzz Marketing

Over the past few years Wine Buzz Marketing has become the "go-to" sales company to market and move excess inventory including bulk, shiners and case goods. It is our first priority to move inventory according to the winery's parameters often "under the radar" so as not to denigrate your brand or compete with current distribution. Wine Buzz Marketing has strong relationships with retailers, wine clubs, airlines, alternative markets and liquidation channels. In some cases sales will include national advertising to an excellent demographic potentially bringing new customers to the winery.

The following services are now available to Coop patrons and its P.S.D. partners in Napa, the Pacific Northwest and Santa Barbara County.

  • Timely response to all buy/sell inquiries
  • Free consultation as to market pricing and available avenues
  • Opportunities to open new markets
  • Affiliate relationships allowing for flexibility and a range of options
  • The experience of a National Sales Manager on a fee only basis.....winery pays only on cases SOLD!
  • Buyers NEVER pay a fee!

Ellen Udoff
Wine Buzz Marketing
2250 Third St.
Napa, CA 94559