Return Material Authorization (RMA)

A “Return Material Authorization” form (RMA) must be generated at the Co-op with information provided by your winery prior to a return of wine to the Co-op. In order to generate an RMA your winery must contact the Co-op at 838-6678 extension #200 and provide approval for the return and the following information:

  • Product code of each product
  • Quantity of each product
  • Fax number of the trucking company or vendor returning the product
  • Whether the wines are to be placed into Co-op stock or staged for winery pickup

The Co-op will fax a completed RMA form to the vendor or trucking company which they must attach to the product being returned. Once the product has arrived at the Co-op, the winery will be notified via a faxed copy of the RMA form which will include any changes in case quantities or products. All damaged product or partial cases will be automatically added onto a return order to your winery.