SCVC Inbound Cased Goods at a Glance

CASE CODING All products shipped to the Co-op must have the following marked on the outward facing surface of every case:

  1. An item code (up to seven digits) with lettering no less than 1/2 inch tall
    • Item codes may contain any combination of letters and numbers (see “wine product codes” for preferred coding structure
    • Every item must have a unique code.
    • All unlabeled wine must have the letter “U” at the beginning of the item code printed on the pallet tag and the bill of lading. The “U” may be left off the code printed on the case.
    • All wines to be stored as “library wine” must have the letter “L” at the beginning of the item code on each case and on all document
  2. The name of the winery
  3. The alcohol content

PALLET LABELING Every pallet of wine shipped to the Co-op must have a pallet identification sheet attached with tape to the second layer under the shrink wrap. This sheet must contain the following information:

  1. The winery name
  2. The item code (see case coding)
  3. The number of cases on the pallet
  4. The tax status of wine (in bond or tax paid)

PALLETIZING AND SECURING Every pallet of product must arrive in the following state:

  1. The product must be stacked on a 48 x 40 inch grocery pallet
  2. There may be no more than one item per pallet
  3. The Co-op only stores full cases (partial cases will not be excepted)
  4. The product may not over hang the pallet by more than 1/4 inch on each side
  5. The top layer of every pallet must be tied with twine
  6. The entire pallet must be stretch wrapped & secure (Please do not tie the wrap to the wooden pallets)

BILL OF LADING A bill of lading including the following information must be included with every shipment:

  1. The winery name
  2. An item code for each product
  3. A detailed description for each item
  4. The number of cases of each item
  5. The alcohol content for each wine product
  6. The tax status (Bonded and Tax paid product may not be on the same bill of lading)
  7. The total number of cases