Stacking Patterns and Carton Markings

For specialized cases or any product not shown in these diagrams, please contact Mike Nunes (ext #213) for stacking and palletizing information. The Co-op uses only 48” X 40” standard 4-way pallets for shipping and receiving. All products shipped to the Coop must fit on these pallets with less than 1/4” of overhang on each side. Any product overhanging its pallet in excess of 1/4” will be subject to special fees and may result in damage to the product over time due to tight storage lane clearances caused by the excessive size of the product. All 750ml. / 12 pack standup cases must be stacked 14 cases per layer or 11 cases per layer. Do not stack750ml. / 12 pack standup cases 10, 13, 15, or 16 cases per layer as misidentification of layer quantities may result. Every layer of a product must be stacked in the same configuration for the life of the product.

Carton Markings (775p)