Wine Product Codes

Each case must be clearly marked with the established product code for that product. The following standards must be observed when marking the cartons:

  1. All lettering must be at least 1/2” high, legible, and in contrast with the background colors.
  2. Codes should be placed on the end of each carton above or below the winery logo.
  3. Codes must be placed facing out and visible when product is palletized.
  4. Product codes can be no more than seven characters long.
  5. Only codes for unlabeled products should begin with the letter “U” and only codes for library wine products should begin with the letter “L”. Unlabeled and library wine products codes must start with the letters “U” and “L”.

Codes should contain the following information

  • Type of wine (2 or 4 letter designation)
  • Vintage of product (last 2 digits of vintage year)
  • Bottle size and case configuration (see chart)

Wine code structure (775p)

Bottle size chart (775p)